When Someone Asks Me Why I Write


To Every Girl who Doubts Herself

Pain inflicted on yourself.
Every day a little deeper the wound.
Why do you insist on ruining your own happiness?
Don't you think you deserve a moment of peace amongst the chaos you cause yourself daily?
What will it take for you to see that you are your own captor?
You hold the keys to your shackles but still you refuse to remove them from your pocket.
Exhale all you've been holding on to.
Give yourself a chance to understand what it means to be free.
Each minute that ticks on the clock you give yourself a new disappointment, but the sound of your breath can stop time.
You are worth more than your despair!
The power within you is golden!
An undiscovered treasure buried deep only looking to be found & adored!

“Ode to the box” 

You weren’t it.
I gave in.
You just quit.

Take your pick.

Love it or leave it.

you chose not to believe In;

What my hopes and dreams where then.

So here in this mess we find ourselves 

no longer who we’ve been.

Beyond the point of fixing,

Trying not to find it all so depressing.

This regressing is compressing me into some compact thing.

A box.

You placed me there.

It wasn’t fair.

I couldn’t get out. 

You chained me there; left me bare

But you still couldn’t see clear.

It wasn’t just me who got us here.

All in all to you it truly meant nothing. 

So why would I run back to a box? 

I never did belong there

This smile I got, this curly hair, this mind of mine breathes words like air. 

You can keep your box of games player. 



Sad Little Bird 

Sad little girl, who broke you?

Who hurt you so bad that now you hurt yourself and others too?

Wouldn’t give a damn if he had a wife and kids too.

Sad little thing, who blamed you?

Who said that you were nothing and it was you’re fault that no one loves you?

Sad little bird who created you?

Who made this monster of sad eyes and thick thighs that spread easy too?

Why do you hurt the ones so close to you?

Sad little girl I’ll pray for you!

Even though you hurt me too!

Even though I was there for you!

Even though when I cried to you there was no remorse in you! 

Sad little thing there is hope for you! 

You don’t have to lay with men who don’t belong to you!

Who don’t care for you!

You don’t have to pretend that all this is okay with you! 

We know you’re hurting too.

Cuz hurt people hurt people yeah it’s just what they do.

And now that you’ve broke me too

Sad little bird I’ll still pray for you! 

Sacred Thing 

“Sacred Thing!”
Like that talented woman who wrote those poems that Beyoncé so eloquently read from her lemonade stand said

“It is the tradition of men to lie.”

To her.

To me.

To we.

Who go so undeservingly and unapologetically under appreciated.

To her.

To me.

To we.

Who love these men wholeheartedly so foolishly.

Allowing them to take from us what God gave us so faithfully.

In hopes that




Would care for it so patiently

That sacred thing.

So freely we give

To he

To man

To them

Something they can’t quite comprehend

The soul of woman we just place it there in their shaking and unnerving hands.

All before making them prove they know what it means to be a GOD fearing man.

I say

To her

To me

To we

The way that things are supposed to be are exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or see or dream!

Take back that sacred thing!

Guard it fearlessly!

To he

To man

To them

Please learn to understand he who findeth a wife findeth a good thing!

That sacred thing won’t come easily.

For when he became a man he put away childish things!

And Last but not least

To her

To me

To we

When that man comes don’t you hold on to that painful thing

That bitterness that hardened heart

Don’t miss your opportunity to have and keep that which that sacred thing was meant to be.